Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Love

Your love surpasses all the others,
Your love will always go on,
In Your love there are no broken hearts,
In Your love, there's a hope that is born.

I was dying,
Caught in misery.
Sinking deeper;
No hope that I could see.

But You bore the cross
And died on Calvary;
Each time they struck You.
The sounds echoed Your love for me.

I am overwhelmed,
As tears leave my eyes,
I can't stop them from flowing,
As I remember Your sacrifice.

You fought hell to win me over,
To save my wretched soul.
And now I live to testify,
That you have made me whole.

For you conquered the grave,
And now you're seated on high,
It is because of Your great love,
I know I will never die.

To me, there is no greater lover,
To me, there is no greater teacher,
You have taught me how to live,
And to conquer every fear.


  1. just cant tell you how much i needed to hear this, at this point of time in my life ..what you have written is just so PERFECT to the battle that i was trying to fight om my own but i guess its just till we actually realise what real LOVE .....GOD"s LOVE is all we need ..Thank you kim

  2. You are my inspiration today and I have awarded you a special award, come by my blog to check out your Stylish Blogger Award.

    Your new follower Lisa xx

  3. Karen, hold on to His pure, sweet, gentle love; you will find that it is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

  4. Lenore, thank you for visiting :) Stay Blessed!

  5. Hi Lisa, thanks for the award! It's such an honour to receive it :) and yes, it's also such a nice way to spread love! God bless you.