Friday, March 18, 2011

Challenging the Darkness

In the darkness, I lay awake.
I look around.
Shadows creeping everywhere.
I look out the window;
At the silvery grey skies.
The moon hanging pale.
I see the stars;
Barely twinkling.
As if in dying breaths,
Trying to warn me...

I don't want to surrender;
To lay waste that hint of courage.
I stand and walk around
As if, challenging the darkness.
I hold no fear now;
And then I kneel and pray.
Like a soldier on a battlefield,
With the countenance of a saint.

That no matter what,
God will make a way.

The break of dawn on the horizon,
Makes way for no more doubt.
Deep inside I believe,
That the battle has been won;
I see the glimmer of sunlight
And then I say, Amen.

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