Friday, March 18, 2011

Born Again

Superficial rays of wonder,
Seeping through my veins.
Hell's tormenting fires,
Disguised as my forbidden pleasures.

There's another world,
Where I must pay my dues;
Of all my iniquitous acts,
Sown in spiritual feuds.

He comes forward to embrace,
I feel the kiss of death.
My soul is soon decaying,
With his every breath.

The spinning wheels of horror,
Produce ghastly tales;
Out of my heart I hear,
Screams of suffering and pain.

Sleep takes me beyond,
A dream's fragrant scent.
Into the palm of reality,
Where the Spirit calls to repent.

Out of my suffering comes strength--
A change of soul and destiny.
My memories lie forgotten,
As the choir sings in harmony.

Echo the sound of prophetic voices,
The songs of love and peace;
Ancient instruments of grace,
In the midst of evil and disease.

This sacrificed soul,
Predestined before birth,
Now carries the seal of the redeemer
And is washed in His blood.

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  1. i cant stop readin it ova n ova again...its ahmazing... keep up d gud wrk Kim.... ;)