Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You'll Be There

I don’t know where I’m going from here.
But I know that,
Wherever it is,
You’ll be there,
To help me find the way.

Jesus, your presence,
It comforts me.
Jesus, your love,
It gives me hope to go on.

Sometimes I’m tired,
And I feel like staying down.
But I know that,
You’ll be there, to give me the strength to carry on.

I know the war is on,
And there are things coming against me,
But I know,
That through it all,
My strong defender,
You’ll be there,
To help me overcome.

Cos’ Jesus your joy,
It strengthens me.
Your peace,
It helps me keep my sanity.

And no, I won’t give up,
I will run the race.
I will fight the good fight of faith.

Cos’ Jesus I know,
That all along my journey,
Through the trials and the troubles,
You’ll give me victory.

I know you’ll never leave me nor forsake me;
You’ll be there. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Love

Your love surpasses all the others,
Your love will always go on,
In Your love there are no broken hearts,
In Your love, there's a hope that is born.

I was dying,
Caught in misery.
Sinking deeper;
No hope that I could see.

But You bore the cross
And died on Calvary;
Each time they struck You.
The sounds echoed Your love for me.

I am overwhelmed,
As tears leave my eyes,
I can't stop them from flowing,
As I remember Your sacrifice.

You fought hell to win me over,
To save my wretched soul.
And now I live to testify,
That you have made me whole.

For you conquered the grave,
And now you're seated on high,
It is because of Your great love,
I know I will never die.

To me, there is no greater lover,
To me, there is no greater teacher,
You have taught me how to live,
And to conquer every fear.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Devil is a Loser

In life we often strive,
That in death we may achieve,
The promised fruits of unseen labour;
That no man or beast can give.

To some it is a myth,
To others plain foolishness.
But among them all,
There really are,
The ones that do believe.

So, in this little game,
Where in giving we receive;
The rules seem odd,
The goal not real.
Where only God can save.

Not might nor power,
But love and trust,
Are the really aces here.
Play them well,
And you soon will find,
That the devil is a loser!

My Destiny

Formed for a purpose,
Created by His will.
His divine children,
His promises to fulfill.

No one can compare,
To our mighty God;
Our wonderful, loving Father,
Our caring, generous God.

Crafted by His gentle hand,
In my mother's womb.
A nodding bud in God's mercy,
In His rain, I bloom.

He seeks not for works,
Or a religious ceremony.
What His heart really yearns for,
Is a worshipper's testimony.

No matter where I stand,
Be it in fire or flood,
His praises will I sing
Protected by His blood.

To praise him all my life,
To worship Him through eternity.
My walk with him is no mistake;
For He is my creator and lover,
He is my destiny.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Through all Eternity

Always, forever more,
You will be with me;
O Lord, how I’m waiting…
To dwell with you through all eternity!

Where darkness can no longer threaten,
Where there are no more tears to cry,
Where I’m safe in your embrace,
In the glorious heavens on high!

Sometimes, Lord, I want to give up,
This suffering seems to never end,
But then I’m reminded of your sacrifice,
And that I have a Saviour for a friend!

Lord, You know how my guilt can really suffocate…
How my shame’s anxious to slaughter me,
But You, Lord, are my life and truth,
And it is your grace that sets me free!

And when all the battles have been fought,
And when it’s my time to come home,
I know I’ll have a place to belong,
Where I will never be alone!

And then, always, forever more,
You will be with me,
O Lord, how I’m waiting…
To dwell with you through all eternity!

The Walk of Faith

Are you satisfied,
With who you are?
Are you close to achieving your life's goals,
Or are they, still, too far?

Can you proclaim that life is good,
And really mean it in your heart?
Or are the burdens of tomorrow,
Pulling you apart?

When trials come,
Are you standing tall?
Or are your doubts and worries,
Causing you to fall?

When you close your eyes at night,
Is your heart at rest?
Or are you, anxious,
And is fear still your un-welcomed guest?

Where does your heart's treasure lie,
Is it that you are always toiling for more?
We always seem to forget,
That all the real riches lie at Heaven's door?

Haven't you heard of the God that cares,
And of your Savior that paid the price?
No, you don't need to go around defeated,
His grace can help you rise.

And when the sun sets on you,
And your day turns into a dark night.
Then even if fears threaten to blind you,
You find that it is your faith, in Him, that gives you sight.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Born Again

Superficial rays of wonder,
Seeping through my veins.
Hell's tormenting fires,
Disguised as my forbidden pleasures.

There's another world,
Where I must pay my dues;
Of all my iniquitous acts,
Sown in spiritual feuds.

He comes forward to embrace,
I feel the kiss of death.
My soul is soon decaying,
With his every breath.

The spinning wheels of horror,
Produce ghastly tales;
Out of my heart I hear,
Screams of suffering and pain.

Sleep takes me beyond,
A dream's fragrant scent.
Into the palm of reality,
Where the Spirit calls to repent.

Out of my suffering comes strength--
A change of soul and destiny.
My memories lie forgotten,
As the choir sings in harmony.

Echo the sound of prophetic voices,
The songs of love and peace;
Ancient instruments of grace,
In the midst of evil and disease.

This sacrificed soul,
Predestined before birth,
Now carries the seal of the redeemer
And is washed in His blood.