Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Walk of Faith

Are you satisfied,
With who you are?
Are you close to achieving your life's goals,
Or are they, still, too far?

Can you proclaim that life is good,
And really mean it in your heart?
Or are the burdens of tomorrow,
Pulling you apart?

When trials come,
Are you standing tall?
Or are your doubts and worries,
Causing you to fall?

When you close your eyes at night,
Is your heart at rest?
Or are you, anxious,
And is fear still your un-welcomed guest?

Where does your heart's treasure lie,
Is it that you are always toiling for more?
We always seem to forget,
That all the real riches lie at Heaven's door?

Haven't you heard of the God that cares,
And of your Savior that paid the price?
No, you don't need to go around defeated,
His grace can help you rise.

And when the sun sets on you,
And your day turns into a dark night.
Then even if fears threaten to blind you,
You find that it is your faith, in Him, that gives you sight.


  1. Oh Wow....first four paragraphs are stuff which I wanna talk to myself but maybe I am confused about or not focused enough about....

  2. wow!every sentence has so much to tell ..God Bless

  3. So so so beautiful! I love it!