Monday, March 21, 2011

My Destiny

Formed for a purpose,
Created by His will.
His divine children,
His promises to fulfill.

No one can compare,
To our mighty God;
Our wonderful, loving Father,
Our caring, generous God.

Crafted by His gentle hand,
In my mother's womb.
A nodding bud in God's mercy,
In His rain, I bloom.

He seeks not for works,
Or a religious ceremony.
What His heart really yearns for,
Is a worshipper's testimony.

No matter where I stand,
Be it in fire or flood,
His praises will I sing
Protected by His blood.

To praise him all my life,
To worship Him through eternity.
My walk with him is no mistake;
For He is my creator and lover,
He is my destiny.


  1. Hey... This is just lovely.... Seeing ourselves as we truly were made to be... Thank God for He made us beautiful! Good one Kimi

  2. You have always been such an encouragement and blessing in my life, hun. I really thank God for u, and for making you so beautiful :)