Monday, March 21, 2011

The Devil is a Loser

In life we often strive,
That in death we may achieve,
The promised fruits of unseen labour;
That no man or beast can give.

To some it is a myth,
To others plain foolishness.
But among them all,
There really are,
The ones that do believe.

So, in this little game,
Where in giving we receive;
The rules seem odd,
The goal not real.
Where only God can save.

Not might nor power,
But love and trust,
Are the really aces here.
Play them well,
And you soon will find,
That the devil is a loser!


  1. Very true..Love and trust in God is all we need to hang on to..its difficult to understand situations on our own

  2. This is very clever writing! I enjoyed it, you have real talent Kimi!

    I also just have to say I LOVE what you wrote in your about me. What a great phrase! I often feel like I was NOT born for a time like this, maybe I need to change my thinking.:)

  3. Dear Colleen, thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such sweet words of encouragement.

    I love your blog, and absolutely love how your life is such an amazing adventure; especially the part where you describe the love you have for, and have found in, your lil' bundle of joy from Sri Lanka.

    I really believe that God has created you for a 'time such as this'--your boldness and love inspire me. Keep in touch. Stay Blessed.