Friday, March 18, 2011

Running for the Prize

When you talk to your Father,
As you're down on your knees;
By praising His holy name,
You will find your faith increase.

You hear His voice,
When you are walking in His word;
You know you are protected,
Cos' you're sanctified by the blood.

When the enemy tries to devour,
Or if you're trapped in his snare.
Just call to the Saviour,
And He will be there.

Few men do realise,
That it is God who really matters;
To all our needs
It is His Spirit that caters

So, let us live a life,
Not being led astray;
But running for the prize,
By following His holy way.


  1. truely it is God that really matters ...worth running for the prize:) ..God Bless you kimi